Karl A. Burkett P.E.

As a partner at Maldonado-Burkett, LLP (M-B), Karl Burkett designs ITS and Illumination projects. His project experience includes open road tolling communications and power plans, fiber optic cables and duct banks, specifications for various types of media converters and Ethernet switches, battery backup systems, CCTV, Radar Vehicle Sensing Devices, DMS signs, and hub cabinets. Karl’s lighting designs include LED lighting, high mast lighting, neighborhood friendly high mast lighting, conventional lighting, pedestrian lighting, pedestrian bridge lighting, and decorative lighting. Karl is a positive leader for the M-B team. His focus is to always help clients solve problems and meet their goals within allocated budgets and timeframes. He is responsible for making sure clients’ needs are met and expectations are exceeded for each project undertaken by M-B.



7.4.1 Traffic Control Systems Analysis, Design and Implementation

7.5.1 Intelligent Transportation Systems

8.2.1 Illumination

8.3.1 Signalization

8.4.1 ITS Control Systems Analysis, Design & Implementation

10.4.2 Pump Station Electrical

Karl A. Burkett, P.E. (Maldonado-Burkett, LLP) – Mr. Burkett holds a BSEE degree from the University of Texas and is a registered Professional Engineer in Texas. He has worked in the transportation industry for over 23 years including 15 years as TxDOT-TRF’s Senior Lighting and Electrical Engineer. Mr. Burkett has designed ITS systems including:

  • Electronic Tolling power and communications systems (fiber and T-1)
  • Preliminary engineering on HOT lane variable toll systems
  • Gates and signals including integrating 2070 controllers.
  • CCTV systems
  • Radar Vehicle Sensing Devices
  • Dynamic Message Sign Systems
  • Lane Control Signals
  • Duct banks
  • Power supply systems
  • Backup generators for Electronic Toll Systems
  • UPS battery backup systems for Traffic Signals
  • Fiber optic networks
  • Internally Illuminated Street Name Signs
  • Public Access WiFi integration into Traffic Signal Systems

Specific projects include:

SH 121 Open Road Tolling. Mr. Burkett designed power and communications systems including fiber optic interconnnects between toll stations and connnections to leased lines; obtained 911 addresses and coordinated utility connections.

Travis County, SH 45 Open Road Tolling. Mr. Burkett designed power and communications systems. Communications system included a 38 mile single mode fiber run with intermediate amplification using media converters located at existing fiber distribution panels.

.Collin County, SH 121, NTTA. Mr. Burkett designed illumination and ITS systems including CCTV, AVI, and duct banks for a 3 mile section of SH 121.

Battery back-up UPS system for City of San Antonio. Mr. Burkett developed specifications for a 4 to 5 hour battery backup system for traffic signals for the City of San Antonio.

Public Access WiFi integration into Traffic Signal System. Mr Burkett developed methods to integrate WiFi systems (by AT&T) into Type 303, 332, and 337 Traffic Signal cabinets owned by the City of San Antonio.

Mr. Burkett also developed Neighborhood Friendly High Mast products for a Texas manufacturer. Mr. Burkett is well connected with other DOT Lighting Engineers , private sector Lighting Engineers and light pole manufacturers and equipment suppliers.