MB has a comprehensive understanding of illumination on design for roadways and other structural elements. When designing these niche projects, we consider the environment, life span, reliability, maintenance and efficiency. Each project allows for creative lighting that can enhance the public environment while maintaining safety of the end users.

IH 35 Brazos River Bridge – Waco, Texas. Lighting Design by Maldonado-Burkett, LLP Matagorda Bridge, Texas. Lighting Design by Maldonado-Burkett, LLP

MB is an advocate in helping to improve the transportation problems that affect our region. With a specialized background providing ITS design, we offer technology design options that help commuters make smart travel decisions and allow transportation departments better traffic management.

Traffic Signals
Enhancing traffic safety and providing efficient traffic movement are the main focus of any traffic signal design opportunity. MB has a detailed understanding of the engineering services required to design warranted traffic signal and roadway lighting for new, modified, and upgraded locations.

Roadway Design
MB staff has extensive roadway design experience with municipal, state and federal projects ranging in complexity from turn lanes to full roadway reconstruction and bridge replacements. Thorough attention is given to design standards required by TxDOT, FHWA and/or local entities. MB is dedicated to customer satisfaction and has a proven track record of success in all disciplines.

MB makes every effort to meet the needs of it’s clients in the ever-growing survey industry by using the latest in survey techniques and technology, MB strives to produce an accurate and cost effective product for both the private and public sectors.